Coastal and marine biodiversity interpretation center, Airoli

In spite of lot of development pressures Maharashtra including parts of Mumbai boasts of mangrove forest guarding most of its coast line. A marine interpretation centre is being established at Airoli in Navi Mumbai, to create awareness towards environment and biodiversity conservation and to showcase the rich natural heritage of marine and coastal areas in Maharashtra. The project is implemented under the GOI-GIZ-CMPA Project ‘Conservation and Sustainable Management of Existing and Potential Coastal and Marine Protected Areas’ (CMPA) by the Government of Maharashtra in collaboration with GIZ.

The Landscape tries to mimic the intercellular structure found in nature in deriving its spatial form. This leads to formation of various cell shaped green meadows with connecting board walks and pause points. The landscape will have composition of indigenous grasses and ground covers showcasing bio diversity of coastal vegetation and water bodies to include key aquatic flora. Such environment will also be conducive to large variety of fauna including butterflies and moths and many insects and birds.

Design will also create an interactive interface creating awareness about all of above life forms and their working. This will be achieved through relevant signage, observation points with information, creating interactive games using scientific information to create installations with which children can play, etc.

The scope of work includes landscape master plan, phase wise planning, detailed designing, coordination with MEP consultants, integration of services, BOQ, product surveys and quotations, technical sanctioning, working drawings and on site supervision.