Ecologically Integrated Lakes Management Plan for Thane Metropolitan Region

Thane, Maharashtra
Commissioned by – Thane Municipal Corporation

The strategic location of Thane region and the availability of the major infrastructural facilities within Thane region have made it one of the most industrially advanced districts of the state of Maharashtra. Though there has been immense economic growth little efforts have been made to conserve the rich and natural resources of the region. On the contrary, all the urban expansions and rampant construction activity in the region during the past two decades have had a negative impact on water systems as the site developments have ignored the local environmental and hydrological considerations. Due to the demands of urbanisation, development has slowly crept up to the banks of these lakes thereby converting the once sprawling water bodies in to mere water tanks which are prone to degradation through development pressure, eutrophication and solid waste disposal.

This study of the lake region was initiated by the Environment Pollution Cell of the Thane Municipal Corporation in an attempt to integrate the environmental aspects in the spatial planning process and development of the lakefronts.

In the above context, an elaborate study of the lake region was undertaken to prepare an ‘Ecologically Integrated Lake Management Plan’ which would take into consideration the natural and human ecology of the surrounding areas, explore and establish the linkages of the lakes in the larger context with the surrounding areas and then suggest measures for those which should be conserved, protected and restored.